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gr82bgeeky Donation Information

FAQ (Please Read Carefully Before Donating)



What is happening and why?

gr82bgeeky has been a free resource for IT teachers for almost a decade. As we now face difficult financial times of uncertainty, the extremely difficult decision has been made to make some elements of this site now accessible to only those users who have donated to the site in 2012 onwards. A donation would give full access for a year.


Many thanks to all our users and we hope you can continue using the resources on this site.


What is a 'reasonable' donation?


This is a common question. Whatever can be afforded (a minimum of £5) by a user or a school would be much appreciated. When making donations, all we ask is you take into consideration the perceived quality of the resources and the time saved in using them. Previous donations tend to average from a minimum of £5 upwards; but are still relatively small 'gift' donations. This is to make resources accessible to all and by giving what you can, the site can continue to run.


Please use your professional judgement to decide upon a donation, based entirely on how many resources you intend to use; whilst taking into consideration the fact that the site gives you complete access to all existing and newly added resources, as they become available.


IMPORTANT: Once donating, your account will normally be approved between 24-48 hours. Please wait this long before contacting us.


Where does the money go?


This is a privately run website which is not affiliated with any institution. As a result, relying on donations to help support the site is the only revenue source available. The donations made mainly contribute towards:

- Hosting fees for the site

- Personal Time or pay for the development of the site (including electricity, computer cost, software costs etc).

- Broadband / Bandwidth exceeding fees for the uploading of resources.

- Mobile phone tethering costs (which are currently faster than fixed line broadband costs in my area).

- Long term contribution towards purchasing of new hardware (computer / peripherals) to be able to actually manage and run the site.

- Backup of site and unit resources (e.g. high capacity USB and external drives).

- Website domain renewals - when this occurs. This pays for gr82bgeeky.co.uk, conyersbite.co.uk (OCR Nationals site) and jellytown.co.uk (sandbox site).

- PayPal transfer fees.


What about surplus donations?

Any surplus donations are simply retained for additional years' running costs OR used for the above. Also sometimes costs are paid for the site and are personally reclaimed from donations. Donations are offsetted against a monthly charitable donation for a fixed amount (regardless of donation levels) to the charities below.  This means, once donations cover running costs above are covered, some of your donation will be set aside to pay for expenses outlined above.  A fixed donation every month is made to the charities below; so eventually, over time any 'profits' are paid back via the fixed donation each month of approximately £120 in total per year (subject to continuous review at site owners discretion).


The idea is that, the site owner will pay a monthly donation to the charities regardless of donations. The money from donations will then offset this donation, essentially paying for the charity donations in the longer term. It is important to understand that, although the site is not intentionally created for profit, a profit may be made but over time; though through the fixed donations, all funds will be paid to the charities over time.


PLEASE NOTE: By donating, you give full permission and consent to the whole of, or part of your donation, potentially contributing towards a donation to the three above charity institutions; once the site running costs are deducted, over the year period. You give consent for your donation being spent how the website owner sees fit.


Some of the donations to the site are used for charitable investments to raise funds for further charities.  Some examples of the work done so far which has used donation money includes:

- Buying wristbands for BBC Children in Need and then selling them to raise more money for the cause, on top of the purchase of the wristbands.

- Paying for external services in charity events. E.g. Paying for a beautician to attend a Leg Waxing event to raise even more money.

- One off donations to Disaster Relief Committee, Children in Need, Red Nose Day etc.

Again the above donations are made by the site owner and the costs recouped via donations, effectively making the donations directly contribute to charity.

How long does my donation last for?

When donating, you get access to the site and all resources for one year from the date of donating. After one year, your account will be deactivated and you will need to re-donate to gain access again.

What if the site changes or there are issues?

This is sometimes unavoidable. Should the site change or go offline for technical issues for whatever reason; donations unfortunately cannot be refunded. It is advised, you download any resources you need upon first registration.

Can I give my username and password to other people?

No. We ask you to keep these confidential in all circumstances and encourage third parties to donate themselves - it is only fair. Should you be donating on a school behalf, please let us know so a school account can be set up.  Should our logging facilities detect multiple logins from the same user simultaneously, your account will be terminated.

Can I put the resources on my own site?

No. The copyright to personally created resources, belongs to gr82bgeeky.co.uk. Content can go on VLEs or private school intranets/networks without issues, but content should not be publicly downloadable on the internet. Should this be done, your account will be terminated and appropriate action taken.

What about Copyright?

EVERY attempt has been made to remove any copyright materials from the site; which may have been used to inform the research when developing resources. Should any copyright be inadvertently breached, please contact us immediately and the resources will be taken offline. This is in-line with the DCMA.  No copyright breach is intentional on this site and contacting us will resolve it, where possible within 24 hours.

Terms and Conditions?

Basically everything above. As the site is privately run, the rules and access to the site can be changed at any time, without notification. Termination or acceptance of your account is at the discretion of the site owner and any decision is not open for discussion or appeal.  This is to keep the site fair and to allow consistent and ethical use of the resources.