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Free Units

All content is provided 'as is' and can be changed/adapted as appropriate. They are purely exemplar units to support staff development.

Note: Some files have been removed for copyright (or large file size) reasons. All units are strictly for educational purposes only.

Alice Control
5-6 Weeks

Alice Animation:

An excellent animation and control package which teaches students how control can be used in a fun and effective way.

Alice is freeware and can be downloaded from here.

Creativity With Audio
4-5 Weeks

Creativity with Audio

A comparative unit which looks at sound production on PC and Mac systems. Allows students to really explore their creative side.

5-6 Weeks

Spreadsheets & Cryptography:

An advanced spreadsheet unit which looks at how models can be used to create secret codes.

Theme Park Tycoon
11 - 12 Weeks

Theme Park Tycoon:

Theme Park Tycoon is an extended project unit which allows students to use a range of skills and software packages to solve a problem: "Is there scope for a theme park in Yarm." Control element removed for copyright reasons. (Alice can be used).

Smart Homes
4-5 Weeks

Smart Homes:

A comprehensive look at homes of the future and domotics (technology used in home to improve life)

Travel Brochure
3-4 Weeks

Travel Brochure:

Introducing DTP skills in the context of Travel Brochure Design.

Using Information
5-6 Weeks

Using Information:

A basic introduction to using information and searching the internet effectively.

Internet Security
4-5 Weeks

Internet Security

Linked to functional skills, this unit looks at how to stay safe online in terms of virus protection, safe surfing and health and safety. Build on e-safety.

Using Databases
4-5 Weeks

Further Databases:

Extended databases unit which covers using databases in the real world and then creating an actual database.