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Misc Resources

NOTE: The resources are provided free of charge but are to be used at your own risk. No liability will accepted by www.gr82bgeeky.co.uk and its owner.

Created Resources

These resources have been developed by C.Coleman.

Resource Description Download
AOL Safety Basic site, which shows the positives and negatives of the internet using AOLs famous television ad-campaign. Video content from AOL. Click Here
Assistance Program This program is in two parts. The students' from their desktop, press 'Hand Up.' A request is then made and displayed on the large screen of the teachers computer. When finished, they press 'Hand Down.' An interesting concept. Click Here
AVP This program is a simple introduction to how firewalls, virus protection and updates work on a computer. It mimics a security system so students can become familiar with how one works. Don't worry, it doesn't do anything at all to a computer. Just pretends. Goes well with Functional Skills. Click Here
Blockbusters A generic gameboard for playing blockbusters Click Here
Climate Lights A useful program to be displayed on an IWB during lessons. It is a traffic light which respresents the noise levels of the class. Changing the colour, plays a sound and notifies the class on-screen. It also counts how many times each noise level has been reached. Click Here
Countdown Timer Exactly what it is really. A countdown timer. When 30 seconds is reached, the countdown theme tune plays. Click Here
Countdown Timer Mini Includes countdown timer and also a smaller version for display in conjunction with other things on an IWB (for example). Click Here
Deal or No Deal A basic PowerPoint presentation with the layout of Deal or No Deal. Click Here
Game Buzzer System Buzzer program for use with quizzes. Click Here
Games Questions Questions to go with games in a class. Click Here
Games Links A basic PowerPoint presentation with links to various games sites. Click Here
KS3 Keyword Generator A Microsoft Access Database. When you type in a unit, e.g. "7.1" a list of keywords is automatically generated for that unit in flash-card style. Click Here
Name Display For individual computers, ideal when getting to know a class. Students enter in their name and it is displayed at the top of their screen, on top of everything else. Click Here
Random Name Generator Enter in class names, then press Randomise. A random name will be selected. Click Here
NEW Random Name Generator Like the origial version, you can select a name at random based on multiple classes. This has some interface improvements and allows selection of five names at once. Complete with instructions. Click Here
Score Board A basic score board which will keep the scores of two teams. Can stay on top of other programs. Very simple but does the job! Click Here
Scrolling Objectives A small program, to enter in objectives. Once entered, they will scroll across the screen. Ideal for interactive whiteboards. Click Here
Traffic Lights Standard traffic light template for use in classes. Click Here
Too Bee or Not 2 Be An interesting poem which explains why a spell check system is not ideal. Click Here
Year 8 Quiz A series of questions, ideal for end of term. Click Here
Year 11 Gameshow A fantastic gameshow system with three fully interactive games (Family Fortunes, Win the Ads and Celebrity Squares) to test your GCSE ICT students prior to the exam. Suitable for machines running PowerPoint 2003 or above. Click Here
Student Vote BETA This is the latest addition to these little programs. This is a small system which allows a whole class to vote using a multiple choice interface. The scores are then displayed on the master program which can be shown an interactive whiteboard. Click Here


Help Sheets

Resource Description Download
Fireworks Graphics A basic guide of how to create a simple logo in Adobe Fireworks. Click Here
Basic Publisher Guide A guide of how to do many common things in Microsoft Publisher. Click Here
Basic Word Guide A simple guide to Microsoft Word 2003 and below. Click Here


Other Resources

Resource Description Download
Millionaire Who Wants to be a Millionaire - By Mark Damon Click Here
Squares Squares - By Mark Damon Click Here
Weakest Link Weakest Link - By Mark Damon Click Here
Cover Lessons A range of cover lessons provided by Teach ICT View Page
ICT and EAL A collection of IT key phrases in a range of languages. View Page


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